The Tugboat 13 de Marzo was sunk but the truth came out afloat

The truth came out and there was no talk of anything else that Wednesday July 13, 1994 in Cuba. The majority of the massacred people were from Guanabacoa and de El Cotorro, so in my neighborhood we all knew someone who was in the tugboat, or his family, like Osvaldo, from Reparto Mañana, a young survivor who later had a daughter to whom he named it Libertad.

Massacre of the Tugboat 13 de Marzo Author Jose Chiu Cuban

Massacre of the Tugboat 13 de Marzo. Author: Jose Chiu, Cuban

MARCH 13 was a small but strong boat and that’s why it resisted the first attacks. The captain of the tugboat and another worker planned to take him and his family to the United States. The ship was docked at the docks where there was a lot of surveillance, they agreed with some custodians who also mounted, it was a perfect operation, but the State Security learned everything by someone whose identity has never been known …

The truth was that when he left the coast, three steel tugboats made a fence, two of them were throwing intense and continuous jets of water to sweep them off the deck, away from the coast more and more, while continuing to ram and hitting the little tugboat again and again trying to sink it.

By having a ship on each side, the Captain of March 13, could not maneuver and a third vessel that came hitting them from behind was hoisted by the stern giving them the fatal blow, and at that time was that it began to sink in the high seas .

Many people were trapped in the hold, the few who were able to come to the surface saw that the three Polargos circled around them at high speed, kept swirling for half an hour, everything indicated that they did not want to leave survivors, who then became dangerous witnesses … who declared terrible acts such as, To name one of them, that of three children clinging to a refrigerator, that floated, and that disappeared when one of the boats passed over them.

In fact they did not have time to exterminate them all because a Greek ship was trying to enter the bay, and it was already a few tens of meters away. Obviously, the regime did not want the freighter’s navigators to witness the massacre.

The crime was described by Fidel Castro as a “truly patriotic effort” … And for the international community as a crime of great magnitude, an inexcusable massacre by any penal code, however the regime has never paid and the crime remains unpunished to this day.

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