The Washington Post condemns Sara Sanders as a “LIAR!” and “MOUTHPIECE for FASCISM!” (But the WaPo’s star reporter Nick Miroff is married to an apparatchik of the Stalinist Castro-regime, whose father founded and ran Cuba’s secret-police!)

“The most dishonest president in history found the most dishonest press secretary in history” (The Washington Post. June, 16.)

Oh…and since the Washington Post brought up lies and totalitarian ideologies….perchance did they mention that one of their star reporters (Nick Miroff) is married to an educational apparatchik of Cuba’s KGB-founded and mentored Stalinist regime named Camila Pineiro Harnecker? And that her father was a notorious KGB-trained murderer and torturer who co-founded (in conjunction with his chum and soulmate Che Guevara) the Castro regime’s military secret police, responsible for thousands upon thousands of firing squad murders and of jailing and torturing political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s regime during the Great Terror?…Well, here’s the documentation:

(On Right: The Washington Post’s star “National Security” (no less!) reporter correspondent Nick Miroff. On Left: Miroff’s future father-in-law Manuel ‘Barbarroja” Piniero, with friend, colleague and fellow KGB-protege and mass-torturer.murderer Che Guevara.)

Well, here’s a little item The Washington Post has been hiding for years:

You see, amigos: The Washington Post’s former Latin American correspondent Nick Miroff  (he now reports in Washington D.C. itself)  is married to an apparatchik of the Castro regime named Camila Pineiro Harnecker. She is the daughter of the founder of the Castro regime’s Military intelligence service. This notorious KGB-protege, Che Guevara-chum and Stalinist torturer was named Manuel “Barbarroja” Pineiro.

Camila’s mother, Maria Marta Harnecker Cerda, is a Chilean Communist who worked for Salvador Allende and scurried to Stalinist Cuba upon Augusto Pinochet’s (just-in-time!) liberation of Chile. 

In brief;  for years Manuel Pineiro served for the Castros exactly as Yezhov, Yagoda and Beria served for Stalin–as a mass-murderer/torturer.

And wouldn’t you know?  Like so many others in such “sensitive” positions within Stalinist regimes (Yezhov, Yagoda, Beria– indeed, like Che Guevara himself!) Manuel Pineiro’s usefulness to his employers finally expired. In 1998 “Barbaroja” was offed in a “car accident” in Cuba.

Upon the Stalinist mass-torturer’s offing by his Stalinist mass-torturing “comrades” in 1998, his faithfully Communist daughter even made  a little film in his honor titled “A fighter for all just causes.”

A couple years ago The Washington post ran an  “in-depth” article (by Nick Miroff) on an islet off the southwestern coast of Cuba called The Isle of Pines which hosted the biggest prison/torture and forced- labor complex for political prisoners in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Tens of thousands of American citizens of Cuban heritage had family members tortured there by Castro’s Stalinist regime. Some had their family members murdered there. Dozens of the surviving torture victims are U.S. citizens and live in the U.S. today. These heroes qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a period three times as long in Castro’s Gulag as Alexander Solzhenitsyn suffered in Stalin’s (8 years.) Several of these prisoners are black Cubans who suffered longer in Castro’s prisons than Nelson Mandela spent in South Africa’s (27 years.) Their (genuinely) inspirational stories of survival against unimaginable odds during multi-decade terms of forced-labor and torture in Castro’s Gulag all began at the Isle of Pines’ Presidio Modelo.

Alas! Almost none of the (non-Cuban-American) readers of the “in-depth” Washington Post story by Nick Miroff would have guessed any of the above items. Gosh? Wonder Why?

Perhaps because most of these victims were sent to Cuba’s Isle of Pines prison/torture/ forced-labor complex on the orders of the man ( Manuel Barbarroja’ Pineiro) who would become father-in-law to the Washington Post’s Nick Miroff, the author of the story on the Isle of Pines, whose wife (Camila Harnecker Pineiro) remains an active apparatchik of Cuba’s Stalinist regime.

It’s time to nominate the Washington Post’s Nick Miroff  for a Walter Duranty (of the New York Times) award.

It’s also time for the Washington Post to practice what  it preaches regarding Jeff Sessions and itself do some serious “disclosing.”


“Absolutely devastating. An enlightening and SHOCKING read you’ll never forget.” (David Limbaugh on Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“It’s well worth reading Humberto Fontova’s books. he doesn’t just list all the facts he also FOOTNOTES them.” (Dennis Prager.)



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