Tony Bryant: Message From Hell

Interview with former Black Panther Anthony Bryant | Former Black Panther Anthony Bryant is interviewed by G. Edward Griffin on his experience as a prisoner in Castro’s jails. The late Mr. Bryant hijacked a plane to Cuba and spend ove 10 years in a Cuban prison. Tony Bryant is the author of “Hijacked.”

This is probably one of the most thought-provoking and revealing testimonies about the real nature of communism, that is pure, concentrated, diabolical evil. Anthony Bryant even makes it very clear that the widespread notion of the constant shortages in communist countries being due to mere economic inefficiency is a misconception. Rather, so he explains based on his deep understanding as well as first-hand experience, constant shortage of everything is a deliberate means for communist rulers to keep their populations down, keep them busy with struggling to survive, as well as corrupt them towards willing to compromise and collaborate for a little material advantage here or there. The objective is to completely break a population’s will, to take away its self-esteem, its dignity, and overall hope and confidence.

Those who have always been saying that the communist takeover of a country means lights out – if not forever, then for a LONG time – were in no way exaggerating. Communism is ALWAYS the surest harbinger of death and destruction. And only by a bunch of lies and most merciless intimidation and terror, communism has been able to come to power in so many countries around the world, and to stay in power to this very day.

Listening to Anthony Bryant as a fully cured ex-communist, with his great insight into the demonic abyss that hides underneath the distracting flowery rhetoric of communist propaganda, makes one think. Wouldn’t a man like him, who finally came to believe in God and to wholeheartedly fight Marx, have been a much better choice for America than Barack Obama, who clearly believes in Marx and fights God, intent to kill not only the American Dream, but America altogether, along with the whole of the rest of the so-far non-communist world? An Anthony Bryant, as President, would have most gloriously united the country. He would have reconciled the rifts and contradictions in American society, and would have brought the country back to following and trusting in: GOD. Author: Contemplatix, YouTube

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