Trump’s new ban on travel to Cuba crushes cruise industry

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Forget the thaw. Forget the stealth tourism. Forget the hordes of American tourists disembarking at Cuban docks stolen from their owners six decades ago.

The Obama Circus is kaput. No more people-to-people charades. No more let’s-pretend-this-is-not-tourism nonsense.

The door has slammed shut. Americans can no longer travel to Cuba for pleasure. And this includes cruises.

Starting today, June 5, the gig is up. Naturally, the usual suspects are throwing tantrums and howling in protest.

Awwww. No more slumming. No more visits to the human zoo. No more covert racist misery voyeurism. No more stealth apartheid tourism.

The cruise industry in the U.S. will have to cancel all their stops at Cuban destinations. Reuters reports that the new rules have thrown cruise providers and their customers into “chaos.”

Awwww. How sad, Mildred. But remember, dear, there are still millions of Canadians and Europeans who will keep pouring money into the insatiable maw of Castro, Inc.

Berrinche time!

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters) via Metro:

The Trump administration banned cruises to Cuba under new restrictions on U.S. travel to the Caribbean island imposed on Tuesday to pressure its Communist government to reform and stop supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The tightening of the decades-old U.S. embargo on Cuba will further wound its crippled economy, as well as hurt U.S. travel companies that had built up Cuban business during the brief 2014-2016 detente between the old Cold War foes.

The State Department said the United States will no longer permit visits to Cuba via passenger and recreational vessels, including cruise ships and yachts, as well as private and corporate aircraft.

The U.S. Commerce Department told Reuters the ban would be effective from Wednesday, giving cruise lines no grace period to change destinations and creating confusion among cruise passengers.

“Please tell me that my cruise to Cuba (in 18 days) is still going to be a cruise to Cuba,” beseeched Matthew Watkins on Twitter.

Royal Caribbean Cruises announced that ships sailing Wednesday and Thursday would no longer stop in Cuba and it would provide updates on future cruise destinations.

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