Venezuela and Cuba linked to Spanish separatist terrorists and Hezbollah

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Despite all denials by Venezuela, Cuba is using their colony for many nefarious activities.

Nearly every day, abundant evidence pops up.

Here’s one of the most recent revelations, which involves violent Spanish separatists, mostly from the Basque terrorist organization ETA ( Euskadi Ta Askatasuna /Basque Homeland and Liberty) and the radical Muslims of Hezbollah,

Abridged from The Voice of America:

Venezuela harbors the largest concentration of ETA fugitives, according to Spanish police, who say 13 members of the group are currently living there. About 50 militants from political organizations associated with ETA such as Batasuna, Bildu and Askapena have also traveled regularly to the South American country.

“There is clear evidence of Venezuelan support for terrorist and separatist movements,” said Ramon Peralta, a senior law professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, who believes that there are ideological ties between extremist groups and the Venezuelan government,which provides them key assistance.

Some ETA members are under government protection in Cuba, where their asylum was in some cases negotiated by the Spanish government.

Spanish police sources say that the government of President Nicolas Maduro has provided little information about the activities of ETA and refused to extradite its members, some of whom are on the Maduro government payrolls.

Analysts say alleged Basque bomb maker Arturo Cubillos has worked for many years in the security department of Venezuela’s agriculture ministry, assisting ETA and other groups. Spain requested Cubillos’ extradition after the Colombian government accused him of conducting explosives training for leftist FARC guerrillas.

Marco Ferreira, a retired brigadier of Venezuela’s National Guard, says he was ordered to process identity documents for several suspected terrorists when he headed SAIME under Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez. At that time, the department was called ONIDEX.

The list also included individuals of Middle Eastern origin, mainly Lebanese and Syrians connected with Hezbollah, according to Ferreira, who says he left ONIDEX when it came under the control of Cuba, which has taken over Venezuela’s national identification system.

The system’s database is linked to Havana via underwater fiber-optic cables and Cuban security officers now hold key posts in the renamed agency. Cuba has trained the agency’s personnel and provided state-of-the-art technology.

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