Venezuelan general urges his nation to “rise up” and kick out Cubans who control it

From our Neoimperialism in Peril Bureau

At least one general in Venenozuela’s armed forces is admitting the truth.

Will anyone listen?

General Ramon Rangel

From Granma Euro-lite (Reuters)

A Venezuelan general called on the country’s armed forces on Sunday to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro, who has relied on the backing of the military to hold on to power despite an economic collapse.

Ramon Rangel, who identified himself as an air force general, said the Venezuelan government is being controlled by the “communist dictatorship” in Cuba – a key Maduro ally.

“We have to find a way to get rid of the fear, to go out into the streets, to protest, and to seek a military union to change this political system,” Rangel, dressed in a suit with a copy of the constitution in his hand, said in a video posted on YouTube. “It’s time to rise up”…

…Rangel was an active military officer who fled to Colombia last month, according to a source close to Venezuela’s military who asked not to be identified.

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