We remember Guillermo Álvarez Guedes (1927-2013)

We remember Guillermo Álvarez Guedes who was born in Cuba on this day in 1927.  He died in 2013.

How do you measure Alvarez-Guedes’s impact?

He was not a politician or academic.  He was not a singer like Celia Cruz or TV executive like Desi Arnaz.  He did not run Coca Cola or create a business empire.

He made us laugh.  He entertained us with a very unique sense of humor.  He made Cubans laugh about Cubans.  And most Cubans needed to laugh in those early days in the US.

Alvarez-Guedes put Cuban “expletives” all over the world!  It did not sound like an “expletive” when it came out of his mouth!

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