WHO KNEW?–Che Guevara was a Gay Rights CHAMPION!

The shirts and posters above left are distributed by an Australian company named RedBubble–which prides itself on its “social responsibility.”

As patiently explained during a ROLLICKING!!! YAF speech above: “Che Guevara co-founded the only regime in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere to herd gays at gunpoint into forced-labor camps for the crime of being gay (or suspected gays.) Many were tortured and worked to death in these slave-labor camps known as “UMAP,” where a sign at the entrance read: “WORK WILL MAKE MEN OUT OF YOU.” The sign at the entrance to Auschwitz read “WORK WILL MAKE YOU FREE.”

Above on right, don’t miss the Mexican (Che Guevara despised Mexicans en-masse) with the Gay (Che Guevara sent gays to forced labor and torture camps en masse) Pride banner.


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