Will Cuba get to send slave teachers to Costa Rica?

From our Bureau of Cuban Slave Labor

Ha. Sending slave doctors to Third World nations has worked out so well for Castro, Inc. that a plan has now been hatched to send slave teachers to Central America.

Of course, these “teachers” will not only provide income for Castro, Inc., but also serve as propaganda missionaries.

An agreement signed by Cuba and Costa Rica in April calls for the export of Castronoid teachers to that least troubled and least socialist of Central American nations.

But apparently there is opposition to this plan in Costa Rica. Stay tuned….let’s see what happens next…

Loosely translated from Diario Las Americas

Costa Rican Deputy Dragos Dolanescu rejected the possibility of Cuban teachers being sent to schools in this Central American country in compliance with a “memorandum of understanding” signed between Costa Rica and Cuba at the end of last April.

In exclusive statements to DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS, the legislator said that this could be a form of “indoctrination toward communism” and wondered if those teachers would have the task of “teaching how to handle a gun” or “praise Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. “

Dolanescu referred to a “memorandum of understanding” signed by Costa Rican Education Minister Édgar Mora and Cuba’s ambassador in San José, Danilo Sánchez, at a ceremony attended by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and his similar Costa Rican Manuel Ventura.

He added that Cuba “wants to do [in Costa Rica] what it has done in Venezuela and Nicaragua,” while thanking “our Cuban brothers in Miami [for the Cuba Justice Commission] for helping us to try to stop the indoctrination that we wants to bring the Cuban regime. “

The deputy added that the president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, and his party Acción Ciudadana, “were part of the Sao Paulo Forum,” a gathering of leftist movements founded in 1990 under the guidance of the Communist Party of Cuba. “You can not remove the stains they bring,” he said.

He said that Costa Rica could send teachers to Cuba and not vice versa. “Our teachers could teach Cubans how to live in democracy and freedom, in civility and respect for others,” he said.

In this regard, the Government of President Alvarado issued a document that says “it is not intended or has been programmed to bring teachers from that country to practice in Costa Rican classrooms” and adds that the agreement “does not seek to cause or has generated any change in the curricular contents of our study programs “.

However, Dolanescu insisted that “we find it extremely strange that an agreement be made on this matter when we spend 8% of our GDP on education here and we feel very proud to have one of the best in Latin America.”

Dragos Dolanescu

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